Omni-Channel Insights for Improved CX and Increased Revenue

This prebuilt solution from Stratifyd analyzes all mobile app feedback to uncover insights that can facilitate continuous improvement and reduced app deletion.

Instant Analysis

This solution is a pre-existing solution that provides the analytics tools necessary to better understand the trends and issues discussed in customer feedback.

Unlimited Data Sources

With more than 70 financial service data connectors, and the ability to create more, we collect data from public sources, such as CFPB, WalletHub, and App store reviews, as well as private sources, like surveys, chats, and contact center calls.

Understand the Voice of the Customer

Our platform’s unsupervised machine learning, NLU, sentiment modeling, semi-automatic taxonomies, and supervised models work together to create a holistic view of the Voice of the Customer. And, on top of those features, our predictive intelligence can accurately predict missing CSAT scores and the reasons behind them.

Want to see it in action?

Here’s a demo video to show how companies like yours can surface unknown insights with this prebuilt solution.

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