Mobile App Optimization Solution

Helping You Better Understand the Voice of the Customer


Stratifyd’s Mobile App Optimization solution helps businesses stay aligned with sentiment fluctuation pertaining to app reviews.

Having constant insight into your customers’ feedback is the key to your mobile app's success.

Business Advantages


Increase the number of customers using your app

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Improve the customer experience  

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Increase the duration of time customers spend using your app


Quantify the success of software updates


Grow market share by comparing your app to your competitors’

Whether it’s your team of developers, business analysts, or customer success specialists, anyone can apply this solution and contribute data-driven ideas on ways to improve.

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Ready to Add This Prebuilt Solution to Your Workflows?

The Mobile App Solution is a simple and effective way to gain in-depth analyses of your customer feedback. Easily upload your customer data into this prebuilt data connector and uncover insights that facilitate continuous improvement and reduction in app deletion.

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Enterprise Customers

Enterprise customers receive all the perks above, as well as additional customization layers, resources from our team of analysts, real-time alerts, and much more. If you’re an existing Stratifyd customer, visit our Enterprise page to see how you can leverage the Mobile App Solution within your current platform.