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Surface unknown customer insights in real time to improve products, services, and increase revenue.

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Enterprise Solutions

These solutions harness the full scope of Stratifyd’s cutting-edge, AI-powered platform to deliver the most comprehensive data sets for our clients.

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To understand how Stratifyd surfaces the unknowns in your customer data.

Increased privacy

Thanks to your own subdomain. This adds an extra layer of protection to keep data secure.


Allows you to personalize visualizations, taxonomies, and more for an easily digestible look at VoC.

Dedicated support

From our customer success team and engineers to ensure our platform is working properly.

The Redaction Engine

Scrubs data and removes confidential information to protect clients’ privacy.

Dedicated Customer Success

Gives you weekly meetings with our team to discuss the platform, findings and big-picture ideas.

Self-Service Solution Marketplace

Stratifyd’s self-service solutions are a great alternative for businesses who need to solve problems with limited resources.

Understand Your Customers

Better understanding the Voice of your Customers leads to improved products and services and increased revenue.

AI at Your Fingertips

Our self-service solutions are equipped with cutting-edge technology to deliver actionable insights in minutes.

Easily Digest Customer Feedback

Get straightforward visualizations of structured and unstructured feedback to empower everyone on your team to contribute data-driven insights.

Plug & Play

Browse our self-service solutions and deploy exactly what you need.


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