Contact Center Insights at the Speed of Your Customers

Stratifyd for Contact Center Experience is designed to help you manage the challenges of a modern, virtual, remote-work Contact Center. Detect top emerging themes and topics from your contact center and use those insights to stay in the loop no matter where your agents are or how your customers contact you.

Smart AI™: Your Eyes and
Ears on the Floor

Do more with less effort as you monitor every interaction using next-generation Natural Language Processing to uncover trends in customer conversations and agent performance, see the emotions driving calls, and raise red flags for risk and compliance issues.

Go from Cost Center to Insights Center

Unleash the power of Smart AI on every call, chat, and email to uncover the actions you need to take to impact on your bottom-line metrics and KPIs like Time-to-Resolution, Average Handle Time, and Customer Satisfaction Scores.

Find the Signals that
Impact Your KPIs

Don’t just track and monitor critical efficiency metrics, discover the reasons behind your inefficiencies in the moment. Whether you’re managing a support or a sales operation, you’ll have the insights you need to efficiently and proactively help coach and improve your team.

Close the Loop with Confidence

Take positive steps to resolve issues—before your customers do. Arm your teams with the insights they need to quickly resolve customer issues and automate feedback to other teams so you can keep customers from needing assistance in the first place.

Stratifyd Helps You Deliver on Your Contact Center Strategy

Stratifyd for Contact Center Experience is built with today’s best practices while improving for tomorrow. We take the guesswork out of analyzing the insights you need about your customers and employees to deliver the best experiences possible.

Contact Center Optimization

Leverage contact center feedback and speech analytics to identify opportunities for process and resource optimization to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • Track and monitor KPI performance such as talk time, handle time, and first call resolution.
  • Understand the interactions and friction points of your customers across channels like calls, chat, e-mail, web, etc.
  • Uncover top themes, sentiment, and emotions in conversations between your customers and contact centers.
  • Identify emerging issues in the contact center and prioritize high impact opportunities for optimization.
  • Automate insights and anomaly identification to be one step ahead of your customers.
  • Democratize and share insights about your contact centers across the organization.

Contact Center Optimization

Agent Performance and Coaching

Identify opportunities for agent performance improvement to reduce costs, improve customer experiences, and build loyalty.  

  • Track and monitor agent performance.
  • Identify and prioritize high impact agent coaching opportunities.
  • Uncover top themes, issues, and emotions in customer and agent interactions.
  • Dive deep into root causes behind agent performance.
  • Build agent level improvement plans and tasks.

Agent Performance and Coaching

Sales Effectiveness

Apply Smart AI and predictive models to proactively identify cross-sell and up-sell revenue per customer in the contact center.

  • Uncover the key drivers to upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Segment customers to better understand the potential in your upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Predict potential and likelihood of additional spend, next-best product suggestions, and future customer intentions with predictive Smart AI models.
  • Integrate with CMS and enterprise toolsets for better insights into your customer touch points.

Sales Effectiveness

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Maintain regulatory compliance and quality to reduce the risk of fines and maintain the integrity of your operation.

  • Automate the detection, identification, and classification of new customer feedback data including:
• Customer privacy, fraud, and abuse
• FDCPA, CFFB, and FCA requirements
• Protexted class
• Mini Miranda language
  • Automate routing of non-compliance to stakeholders for faster time to resolution.
  • Develop and manage outstanding tasks to ensure resolution of non-compliance cases to avoid fines and maintain the integrity of your organization.
  • Integrate with CRM and enterprise customer toolsets to make better informed decisions.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Customer Experience Improvement

Consolidate feedback to understand customer experiences and prioritize systemic improvement efforts.  

  • Track and monitor CX performance.
  • Identify and prioritize high impact opportunities from your data to drive CX improvement.
  • Immediately act on top themes, sentiment, and emotions coming from customer conversations.
  • Identify emerging topics and compare customer feedback, across data sources and signals.
  • Automate CX insights for faster time to value for your CX teams.

Customer Experience Improvement

 As a call center supervisor your most valuable asset is time. With Stratifyd for Contact Center you can easily identify trends and insights from calls that can be used to automate processes through ChatBot and other self-service experiences. You can use the time saved from those efficiencies to focus on agent training and higher value-add programs.

Samantha Richey

Senior Director, Revenue Marketing & Operations, Stratifyd

Tie Your Contact Center Data Together, No Matter the Signal

Access and leverage experience, behavior, and operational data from any signal for valuable insights that impact your business across the organization and help drive operational efficiencies in your Contact Center.

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