Stratifyd for Customer Experience and VoC

Listen with Empathy.
Act with Purpose.

Uncover actionable customer insights you’ve been missing to reduce churn and drive lifelong loyalty.

Go Beyond Surveys to Build a Modern CX Strategy

Stratifyd for CX and Voice of the Customer is designed for the business you have today and the changes of tomorrow. Customer experience is changing, and you can't be stuck with legacy technology and static dashboards that don’t grow along with you.

See Your Customers
in a New Light

Go beyond traditional CX measurements and put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Visualize customer experience data in ways that are meaningful to the actual experience of your customers. Deliver action-ready insights through powerful lenses like demographics, regions, emotions, and more.

Say Goodbye to FOMO

Most CX teams have all the data they need, but don’t have the tools, resources, or strategies in place to unlock what’s hidden inside. Change that by giving your CX teams the no-code Smart AI™ models that leverage text analytics to help uncover the emerging themes and topics you didn’t even know to look for.

Faster Insights Delivered When it Matters Most

Gone are days where you need weeks to analyze your customer feedback. Stay one step ahead of the customer and your competition by quickly identifying emerging customer issues and drive loyalty on the channels that matter the most to them.

Zero-Touch Insights,

Easily automate your customer insights and close the loop with alerts and notifications sent directly to your stakeholders across the organization. Stratifyd’s no-code Smart AI™ models deliver flexible insights you can control in a few clicks; no longer spend hours in dashboards or running manual analysis in Excel to get the insights you need.

How Stratifyd Helps You Deliver on Your CX Strategy

Stratifyd for Customer Experience and VoC was built by CX professionals, for CX professionals. Take the guesswork and manual labor out of your customer experience analytics and turn insights into action across the entire customer journey.

Customer Experience Improvement

Consolidate feedback to understand customer experiences and prioritize systemic improvement efforts.

  • Track and monitor CX performance.
  • Identify and prioritize high impact opportunities from your data to drive CX improvement.
  • Immediately act on top themes, customer sentiment, and customer emotions coming from conversations.
  • Identify emerging topics and compare customer feedback across data sources and signals.
  • Automate CX insights for faster time to value for your CX teams.

Customer Experience Improvement

Location Performance and Coaching

Identify opportunities for location performance improvement to reduce costs and improve experiences.

  • Track and monitor regional level performance of your agents and create closed-loop processes for location-level improvement plans.
  • Identity and prioritize high impact opportunities for location improvement.
  • Immediately act on top themes, sentiment, and emotions coming from customer conversations.
  • Discover opportunities for employee coaching with insights into performance.
  • Democratize and share insights with important regional stakeholders and leadership.

Location Performance and Coaching

Customer Recovery

Identify and recover at-risk customers and develop retention strategies and workflows using Smart AI.

  • Uncover key drivers of customer attrition from your customer feedback, operational, and behavioral data.
  • Predict churn, NPS, and future customer intentions with no-code Smart AI models.
  • Predict next-best interventions for recovery and trigger alerts to be notified when customers become at risk to churn.
  • Integrate with CMS and enterprise toolsets to further drive customer recovery efforts.
  • Immediately act on top themes, sentiment, and emotions coming from customer conversations to prevent churn.


Complaint Management

Identify, address, and automate issues on non-compliance around complaint management.

  • Automate the detection and identification of customer complaints.
  • Identify new and emerging issues through early warning detection.
  • Auto classify and categorize feedback from customer conversations.
  • Integrate with CSM and enterprise toolsets to get a full picture of your customer feedback.
  • Automate routing of complaints to key stakeholders to take immediate actions with timely alerts.

Complaint Management

Competitive Intelligence

Gain insight into competitive experiences in order to inform product or service improvements and customer messaging.

  • Benchmark your brand's performance against competitors.
  • Uncover perceived gaps in product or service offerings and prioritize opportunities for differentiation.
  • Discover top themes, sentiment, and emotions coming from customer conversations about your competitors.
  • Be one step ahead of your competition by monitoring for emerging themes or anomalies in your competitive landscape.
  • Democratize and share competitive intelligence insights across your organization.

Competitive Intelligence

Employee-Customer Connection

Uncover the role the employee experience plays in driving exceptional customer experience.

  • Track and monitor employee performance against your key employee KPIs.
  • Identify emerging issues in the employee experience that can impact your customer experience.
  • Discover top themes, sentiment, and emotions in employee conversations across social media, online reviews, and surveys.

Employee-Customer Connection

Consumers are increasingly putting pressure on brands to deliver personalized and relevant experiences—and there’s no greater opportunity to meet consumer demand by uncovering the insights hidden away in unstructured customer feedback data like survey responses, call transcripts, and social media. To be able to automate these very time-consuming processes is a game changer for an CX team looking to make a big impact in their organization.

Kurt Trauth

SVP, CX Strategy & Analytics, Stratifyd

Get More Insights from the Tools You Already Use

Access and leverage experience, behavior, and operational data from any signal for valuable insights that impact your business across the organization.

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