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Leading Financial brands trust Stratifyd’s analytics expertise to uncover the “why” behind what’s happening, helping to increase customer loyalty, improve experiences, and reduce operational waste.

Invest in Better Experiences Powered by Smart AI™

Stratifyd for FinServ Insights uses Smart AI™ to unify your experience, operational, and behavioral data to solve your most pressing business challenges, save money and time across teams, and build trust and loyalty with customers.  

Enter a New Era of Customer Experience Analytics

You strive to deliver unified experiences, but your analytics solutions still take fragmented views of your customer experience. Stratifyd for FinServ Insights helps you tell the real story behind your customer experiences by enabling you to integrate all your customer touchpoints to surface trends, emotions, and sentiments. With over 100 data connectors and the ability to work in over 100 different languages, every insight is at your fingertips.

Work Smarter (and Faster), Not Harder

In the ever-evolving digital world we live in, feedback from any source is constantly being given by your customers. Leading financial services companies use our Smart AI™ technology to analyze conversations and understand what’s working – or what’s not – in your digital experiences faster than ever before. Uncover insights when they still matter instead of waiting days or weeks.

Finally Understand 100% of Your Contact Center Interactions

Stratifyd’s industry leading speech analytics enables you to "listen to every call, finally providing you with an accurate view of call drivers, customer effort, agent behaviors and more.  No longer be limited by the small sample sizes of quality monitoring programs and surveys, or vague/inaccurate contact disposition codes.

Move from Reactive to Proactive CX Management

Existing analytics platforms focus on responding to what has already happened. But with Stratifyd’s predictive analytics, you can use that same data to proactively identify future customer behaviors. Stop issues before they happen with the ability to predict repeat callers, likelihood to churn, customer satisfaction for every touchpoint, and more.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Complaints and Compliance Issues

Help your team stay on top of complaints and compliance risks by automatically identifying issues across all your customer conversations. Stratifyd’s Experience Analytics Platform is the only one that identifies emerging themes and phrases to ensure you’re alerted to possible risks as quickly as possible.

Stratifyd Helps You Deliver an Industry Leading Customer Experience

Stratifyd for FinServ Insights quickly identifies key themes and emerging trends across all your customer conversations. Leaders across the enterprise rely on Stratifyd daily to drive data-driven decisions that create differentiated CX, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

Customer Experience Improvement

Consolidate feedback and analyze an omni-channel view of customers to inform strategies, understand customer experiences, and prioritize systems and improvement efforts.

  • Uncover top themes, sentiment, and emotions in conversations
  • Identify emerging issues automatically with Stratifyd Smart AI™
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the “Why” behind known topics

Customer Experience Improvement

Contact Center Optimization

Optimize your operations by leveraging Stratifyd’s speech analytics to “listen” to every conversation (calls, chats, email, and more) in the contact center.

  • Identify call drivers, sentiment, customer effort, agent behaviors in every conversation
  • Move beyond legacy contact center analytics such as call quality monitoring, post-call surveys, and agent dispositions  

Contact Center Optimization

Digital Transformation

Move at the speed of digital transformation with analytics that identify in real time which experiences are delighting or frustrating customers.

  • Analyze chats and calls to identify the key drivers behind customers switching from digital self-service
  • Identify opportunities to improve new self-service capabilities by analyzing interactions with chatbots and other conversational AI systems
  • Automatically surface emerging themes and phrases to provide the Digital team with real-time insights

Digital Transformation

Complaint Management

Reduce risk by identifying complaints from all customer conversations in a single platform.

  • Automatically categorize and prioritize complaints, significantly reducing manual review efforts
  • Surface emerging themes in complaints to proactively address issues before they impact additional customers
  • Integrate with CRM and enterprise customer toolsets  

Complaint Management


Maintain regulatory compliance and quality to reduce risk of fines and maintain the integrity of your operation.

  • Monitor every agent interaction with customers to ensure compliance
  • Automatically prioritize compliance issues based on risk severity, triggering alerts to the appropriate individuals
  • Develop and manage tasks to ensure resolution of non-compliance cases
  • Integrate with CRM and enterprise customer toolsets  


Social and Online Reputation Management

Monitor social and online reputation in order to identify opportunities for improvement and to respond and retain customers.

  • Track and monitor top themes, sentiment, emotions, and emerging topics on social and digital channels
  • Automatically identify emerging themes and quickly compare with conversations from internal channels such as the Contact Center
  • Monitor feedback on competitors, including from CFPB complaints, to provide leadership with key competitive intelligence  

Social and Online Reputation Management

What you found in 15 minutes took us eight weeks to fully comprehend the scale and scope of the problem.

- Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

$5.5 million in savings
Increased CSAT Scores to 92% | Cut Handle Time by 20%  

Trusted by Top Financial Services Brands Around the Globe

Join some of the leading FinServ brands and discover why they trust Stratifyd with their customer experience data.

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