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Stratifyd for Medical Insights

Real World Insights for Real Life Challenges.

Improve care and create smarter commercial strategies when you automate and uncover insights from real-world evidence sourced directly from clinical data, medical affair data, and Health Care Provider (HCP) feedback.

Built to Put Patient and Health Care Provider Feedback at the Forefront

Stratifyd for Medical Insights is designed to take the legwork out of aggregating patient and health care provider feedback and gives you the analytics you need to make informed decisions that positively affect your patients.

Minimize Risk and
Help Improve Patient Care

Uncover the data blind spots that you’re missing today. Stratifyd’s Smart AI™ models help surface prominent issues, emerging themes, or anomalies from your data to get ahead of potential problems.

Automate the Way
You Collect Feedback

Ditch the old ways of manually combing through documentation, medical affair data, and other clinical data. Stratifyd helps aggregate and act on the patient touch points you have to make better informed decisions about the impact your products may have on patients.

Monitor the Global Market and Competitive Landscape

Contextualize your global product rollouts and create a stronger marketplace position by monitoring your competitive channels and acting on the insights you uncover.

How Stratifyd Helps You Deliver Safer Products for Your Patients

Stratifyd for Medical Insights helps you create safer products for your customers driven by intelligence from sources that are traditionally harder to aggregate, so you can make better informed decisions on how you bring your product to market.

Product Launch Insights

Identify friction and confidence gaps during the product launch process informed by Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and patient feedback to drive intentions and increase HCP confidence.

  • Determine positive or negative patient and Health Care Provider feedback before, during, and after a launch.
  • Identify HCP intent to act, key patient emotion, and the drivers behind root causes of feedback.
  • Prioritize opportunities for change in the moment they matter.

Product Launch Insights

Competitive Intelligence

Gain insight into global competitive experiences in order to inform product improvements and customer messaging.

  • Analyze competitive global rollouts and track consumer insights on competitive products to inform your commercial strategy.
  • Uncover top and emerging themes, anomalies, sentiment, and emotions in competitive channels.
  • Identify important themes of confusion, satisfaction, and competitive edge for more impactful marketing messaging.

Competitive Intelligence

Health Care Provider Engagement

Increase Health Care Provider (HCP) engagement and confidence to drive prescriptions and revenue.

  • Identify opportunities to increase HCP engagement by uncovering top themes and sentiment in feedback.
  • Save time by automating the process of identifying high and low value Medical Science Liaison (MSL) comments to easily filter down to the most actionable notes.
  • Coach low scoring MSLs on best practices to ensure each HCP interaction is impactful.

Health Care Provider Engagement

Medical Strategy

Understand areas of Health Care Provider and patient dissatisfaction to make changes that drive future product and patient messaging.

  • Identify key patient profiles and demographics.
  • Uncover top patient and HCP attitudes, usage, and behaviors.
  • Quantify and track patient and HCP sentiment, emotions, and themes.
  • Prioritize highest impact improvement initiatives.

Medical Strategy

Knowledge Center Optimization

Reduce costs and improve your patient touch points by identifying opportunities for knowledge center improvements and efficiencies.

  • Track and monitor performance of KPIs in the knowledge center.
  • Uncover top themes and sentiment in knowledge center conversations.
  • Prioritize highest impact improvement initiatives and identify opportunities for consumer resource improvements.
  • Self-audit historical recurring customer confusion around your products.

Knowledge Center Optimization

We partnered with Stratifyd to add more features and flexibility to data analytics. The speech analysis functionality and speed-to-insights filled that need, identifying ways to improve our agent responses, website navigation, and CX.

Get More from the Data You Already Use

Access and leverage experience, behavior, and operational data from any signal for valuable insights that impact your business across the organization.

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What will your data reveal?

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