Stratifyd for Pharma Insights

A New Formula for Insights Generation.

Improve customer education and create smarter commercial strategies when you automate insights from diverse Voice of Customer data sources like field notes, social media, advisory board notes and more.

Put Customer and Health Care Provider Feedback at the Forefront

Up to 80% of your data is unstructured and often goes unused or underutilized.
Stratifyd for Pharma Insights transforms customer and health care provider feedback from any source into action-worthy insights that help you make informed marketing and education decisions.

Free Your Analysts from the Burden of Manual Insights Generation

Some of your smartest minds are spending up to half their time manually aggregating and reading unstructured data. Give them the tools they need to uncover insights faster, so they can focus on turning insights actions. Stratifyd’s Smart AI™ is trained specifically on Pharma data to provide the most relevant insights.

Scale Insights Faster and More Efficiently

Let Smart AI™ work behind the scenes to automatically uncover what matters. Quickly translate emerging themes, topics, sentiment, and trends using Smart AI™ into insights that drive action that improves the customer’s experience with your brand and products.

Save Money While Doing More

All skill levels can use Stratifyd's Smart AI™. Avoid investing time and money building and maintaining custom solutions. Optimize your insights generation with the right people and processes, and let Stratifyd be your trusted partner to help maximize value for you and your customers.

Deliver Safer Products for Your Patients

Stratifyd for Pharma Insights allows you bring together more VoC data than ever before and analyze it more deeply and quickly. Identify and respond to safety issues faster during launch, thereby creating safer products for your customers.

How Stratifyd Helps You Deliver Safer Products for Your Patients

Stratifyd for Pharma Insights allows you to analyze greater volumes of customer feedback more quickly and with more depth than before. Identify and respond to safety issues faster during launch to create safer products for your customers.

Medical Affairs

Engage Health Care Providers, payers and patients to drive a better understanding of how a product is impacting patients and respond accordingly with better informed messaging and customer experience.

  • Identify opportunities to improve HCP engagement by uncovering top themes and sentiment in feedback.
  • Identify evidence gaps for more data-driven content creation by your Medical Info team
  • Build more robust Voice of the Customer data sets to get a more complete view of the customer
  • Reduce the manual effort required to extract insights from unstructured data sources like text, audio, and video through Smart AITM automation

Medical Affairs

Commercial Insights and Consumer Healthcare

Measure and assess the effectiveness of commercial efforts to sell and promote your pharmaceutical products.

  • Identify HCP intent to act, key patient emotion, and the drivers behind root causes of feedback during product launch
  • Identify drivers and root causes of observed patient behavior in claim data
    Surface what topics or themes could be impacting the sales cycle and drive change to close any commercial gaps
  • Uncover top and emerging themes, anomalies, sentiment, and emotions in competitive channels
  • Analyze competitive global rollouts and track consumer insights on competitive products to inform your commercial strategy

Commercial Insights and Consumer Healthcare

Contact Center

Reduce costs, optimize agent touchpoints and improve the customer experience.

  • Track and monitor performance of KPIs in the call center
  • Uncover top themes and sentiment in call center conversations
  • Predict the types of questions callers will ask and automate that experience to reduce call center call time
  • Flag adverse events and check call center agent response accuracy
  • Self-audit historical recurring customer confusion around your products

Contact Center

We partnered with Stratifyd to add more features and flexibility to data analytics. The speech analysis functionality and speed-to-insights filled that need, identifying ways to improve our agent responses, website navigation, and CX.

Get More from the Data You Already Use

Access and leverage experience, behavior, and operational data from any signal for valuable insights that impact your business across the organization.

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What will your data reveal?

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