Converting Speech to Text With Stratifyd

After conversion, we apply our best-in-class customer analytics tools to surface unknown insights.

The Value

Stratifyd’s speech-to-text functionality will solve the growing need for our enterprise clients to transcribe voice calls and deploy deeper analytics using AI and ML models to drive increased efficiency in call centers. We leverage speech transcription data and combine that data with omni-channel sources to provide universal customer sentiment. We deliver real-time feedback and insights that can be used for agent coaching to facilitate the ultimate customer experience across call centers.

How it Works

We take the recordings of dual-channel contact center calls and apply AI modeling, Natural Language Understanding, and acoustic modeling to transcribe them and analyze voice metrics. Those transcriptions can then be fed into our AI-powered platform, revealing sentiment, topics, and actionable insights.

Our transcription capabilities analyze voice metrics, such as call length, talk rate, streaks, overtalk, silence, energy level, and the inclusion of negative and positive words. These metrics help track:

How long the call lasted

Instances in which the average rate of speech changed over the duration of the call for agents and customers

How long the caller and agent spoke uninterrupted

Instances in which the agent or caller spoke over one another

Instances in which there were long pauses

Instances in which the energy level of the caller or agent increased or decreased to indicate feelings of excitement or displeasure

Shifts in mood indicated by the agent or caller’s choice of language

These metrics, coupled with the insights uncovered by our platform’s powerful analytics, help to better train agents and indicate areas of improvement for business, products and services, and CX.

We put together a demo video to show how deep our speech-to-text analytics are and how companies can benefit from this functionality.

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