Stratifyd and UNC Charlotte


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Stratifyd’s history with UNC Charlotte (UNCC) runs deep. Our relationship with the university began long before our founding in 2015, and more than a quarter of the Stratifyd family are proud 49er alumni.

Stratifyd CEO Derek Wang received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UNCC in 2011. Wang later returned to the university and became the Associate Director of the Charlotte Visualization Center. Wang – along with our fellow co-founders, Thomas Kraft and Li Yu – began conducting government-funded research on the ways AI could be used to ingest, analyze, and visualize unstructured data. This post-doctorate work was the foundation on which Stratifyd was built.

As the company continues to grow, Wang loves to give back to UNCC by offering opportunities to students and graduates which help foster entrepreneurship and grow Charlotte’s local tech community.

Stratifyd has participated in career fairs, hosted hackathons, and acted as a business sponsor for the College of Computer and Informatics. But our commitment to the university goes far beyond monetary donations. We also offer our time, knowledge, and resources so students can receive the full benefits of working alongside a rapidly growing tech startup.

“I’m passionate about giving back to the UNCC community through mentorship and educational opportunities,” Wang said. “Part of this relationship is being a mentor to the students and opening up the lines of communication so that even if they don’t come to work for us, we could find a way to work together in the future.”

Other members of our leadership team love taking the opportunity to give back to the university, too.

“I think it’s really important for university students to have mentors outside of the classroom,” said Faraz Syed, Global Head of Alliances and Marketplace. “Stratifyd is in a unique position in that everyone’s backgrounds are diverse. It’s a great opportunity for a student to come here and learn from so many of us.”

As Stratifyd continues to flourish, our goal is to further our relationship with UNC Charlotte.

“We have some big things planned for our future with UNCC,” Wang said. “I’m very excited to see how our partnership progresses and how we can work together to expand the city’s tech community.”