Stratifyd CEO Fostering Growth and Success Through Transparency, Compassion, and Guidance in 2019


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A recurring thought during Stratifyd CEO Derek Wang’s week-long holiday break was, “What if I get hit by a bus?”

Don’t worry, he’s fine and he thoroughly enjoyed the well-deserved downtime with his family, but being away from the office made him wonder if it would be business as usual when he takes his next day(s) off? Has he made sure every employee has a clear understanding of the company’s trajectory as well as their own career path so they could step up when help is needed? With that in mind, Wang’s decided to spend this year focusing on those that have helped the company grow from an idea, to a startup, to a small business.

“The mandate for 2019 is growth, and growth is not just the top line,” Wang said. “Everyone is equal in contributing to Stratifyd’s success.”

Wang is already an open book but wants to increase transparency throughout the company. He wants every employee to know what’s on the horizon and be cognizant of the company’s vision. Doing so will aid in his intention to delegate more to others so he can spend time focusing on the future of the company and figuring out the best ways to get there.

In the spirit of increasing transparency, Wang will dedicate at least one day a week to meet with anyone at the company who wants some one-on-one time. These informal meetings can spend time discussing anything from tips about buying a house to work-related ideas or problems.

“Another piece of this is career development,” Wang said. “At a startup, everyone’s wearing at least 10 different hats and taking on so many tasks. But we’re not in survival mode anymore.”

Wang not only wants employees to be able to focus on their respective areas of expertise, but also on the bigger picture. He’s kicking off a speaker series this year where individuals outside of Stratifyd come in to share their perspectives, failures, triumphs, and any other stories from their careers that have led to personal and professional growth.

“I want this year to be a revolution in terms of culture, procedure, career paths, ownership, and focus,” Wang said.