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Stratifyd Chapter 6 / Intuitive Transformation

The Next Chapter In The Stratifyd Story

Stratifyd has a bold but simple mission: To enable everyone, regardless of education, skill, or economic background, the ability to understand the hidden stories in their data.  The release of our next-gen platform is a giant leap toward making that mission a reality.

New Platform Release

Stratifyd's latest platform release is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing users of all skill levels to connect their data, perform analysis, and discover insightful stories faster and easier than ever before - everything you would expect from a market leading unified data analytics platform.

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Ease of Orientation

Stratifyd's new platform guides you through our data storytelling flywheel and provides a clear path to value - helping you connect data, analyze data, discover insights, identify stories and continuously listen to your data as future stories unfold.

Improved on-boarding to understand your story quicker

Introducing our refreshed Home page, which now includes a Quick Start Guide that walks first-time users through the process of connecting data, deploying analytical models, and visualizing insights as you build your first dashboard step-by-step.

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Simpler and more consistent navigation across the platform

With the introduction of a simplified left-side navigation panel, users will always be able to quickly find their way. By making it easy to jump between sections from any view, users won’t ever lose track of where they are in the platform.

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Expansive Epicenter

The full value of the platform should be experienced through dashboards. Simple data settings help you connect, analyze and discover insights in a single setup. This enables you to explore your data through filters, save discoveries as stories, and listen to your data using Taxonomy and Predictive models deployed directly from the dashboard.

Build and save "Stories" for quick access to filtered data

The new “Stories” feature allows users to save collections of frequently used filters for future use. Saving filters in a Story lets you group multiple filters together so that you can easily apply them to different dashboards in the future.

Do you have a set of filters that you use on a regular basis? Are you preparing for a presentation and want to share a specific collection of insights you’ve discovered? Stories make it easy.

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A full unified data analytics experience all within your dashboards

Data and insights are changing faster everyday. Every minute matters so we’re bringing together the power of visualizations, filters, stories, tuning, tasks, taxonomies and advanced modeling in a quick-view navigation tray.

Discover a new topic from unlabeled data and add the topic to your taxonomy, or discover a new sentiment trend and create a tracking task all without leaving your analysis dashboard.

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Quick-access dashboard commands for common tasks, including sharing

To make functions like sharing, exporting, playing, or comparing dashboards and insights easier to execute, we’ve added a collection of shortcut buttons along the top of your dashboard

With quicker, more intuitive access to these triggers, users can now share dashboards, insights, and information immediately across teams or departments.

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Simplify the Science

Using data analytics models to surface hidden data should meet our users at their level of experience. CX users - Focus on AutoLearning models which analyze data and determine the best customized model based on your data. Data Analyst users - Use advanced models with your data to customize models based on your use cases.

Powerful new data settings panel delivers insights quicker

We’ve made the path to insights easier and faster with the new data analysis setup process. Using three simplified steps you can choose data, deploy models and choose from suggested insight widgets which accelerates your speed to value.

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Take use case analysis to the next level with custom auto-learning AI models

Choose “Auto-Learn” modeling to automatically select the model that produces the best results based on your data set. You can apply these models to an unlimited variety of scenarios based on business needs.

These models can be used to create synthetic NPS scores for every customer, significantly improving the accuracy of NPS calculations over traditional surveys. You can also analyze calls to predict repeat callers, or even predict customers who are likely to churn.

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Listen & Take Action

Stratifyd's data story listening options help you tune AI enhanced taxonomies and track actions with new task management tools. Everything connects directly to relative data discoveries in your dashboards.

Highlight and track tasks to empower action across the team

We’re especially excited to introduce the platform’s newest feature: Task Management. We know it can be difficult for teams to organize efforts and track progress, so we’ve simplified the process for you with the new Task Management functionality.

This capability lets you assign, update, and track tasks to completion. Tasks can be added from the Task Management tab, or from dashboards, and can be linked to individual records.

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New AI enhanced taxonomy models automatically optimize taxonomy topics over time, improving precision and efficiency

Stratifyd's AI enhanced taxonomy models apply machine learning to the original human defined topic rules. The models continuously improve the precision and recall of the topic over time. You can also provide feedback to further train your AI enhanced taxonomy models, change a topic, or add additional topics to help further train your models.

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New data views for quick review and easy data exporting

All great insights start with data and we’ve made it simple to view your original data by redesigning the user interface to bring clarity to the data tab. Now, you can switch between Card and Table views, review data verbatims, create tasks linked to data, push data to external BI tools or even export your augmented data with speed and ease to your data warehouse.

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Our goal with Stratifyd's new platform was to make our platform more intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing users of all skill levels to connect their data, analyze it, and discover insightful stories faster and easier than ever before.

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