Stratifyd Partners With Charlotte City Tennis


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One of Stratifyd’s pillars is seeing the potential of organizations and helping them reach it, and a local organization we love and support is Charlotte City Tennis (CCT).

Charlotte City Tennis was founded in 2012. It uses the public tennis facilities around the city to provide quality programs for individuals of any age and skill level and doesn’t charge membership fees so that anyone who wants to learn to play or get better at the game, can.

Stratifyd employees, including CTO, Kevin O’Dell, are involved with the organization.

“I love the group of people I play tennis with every weekend,” O’Dell said. “I travel a lot for work, so I appreciate how accommodating the club is of people who have hectic schedules.”

CCT cares about more than just the sport itself. The organization regularly gives back to the community by putting on tennis socials and events, which hinge on helping the homeless population.

“It’s so great to watch everyone come together for socials,” O’Dell said. “We recently filled two truck beds with canned goods to donate to food pantries, so they could redistribute the food to hungry individuals and families in the community.”

The organization deems itself, “The Club for the Community,” and Stratifyd is happy to donate to CCT in order to help it continue to give everyone in Charlotte access to quality, affordable lessons as well as opportunities to play in USTA leagues and tournaments.