Stratifyd showcases platform evolution with new website

Stratifyd pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in customer engagement and marketing with AI-powered product enhancements highlighted on new website.

Charlotte, NC (March 6, 2018) - Stratifyd, a technology company that provides AI-powered data analytics solutions to enterprise companies, launched a new website that highlights their platform's new capabilities. The company's new website ( takes visitors on a journey through the platform aided by compelling content, powerful visuals, and an enhanced user experience that matches that of the Stratifyd platform.

"When I joined the company from MapAnything, my first mission was to overhaul the website," said Sterling Scott, Director of Marketing at Stratifyd, "We wanted a website that reflected the strengths of the Stratifyd platform. Our new website has breathed life into our company's brand and is making a great impact on our business."

Stratifyd built the website inhouse with the design overseen by Stratifyd's Director of Creative, Cara Walters, and Director of UX, Slavik Shen.

"We have a beautiful and powerful product," said Cara Walters, Director of Creative at Stratifyd, "Now we have a beautiful and powerful brand to match. We're showcasing both on our new website."

"This new website comes at a great time," said Derek Wang, PhD, Stratifyd's Founder & CEO. "Our platform is evolving and we wanted a new website that matches the look and feel of our software while showcasing the technology behind it."

Business worldwide like Etsy, LivePerson, Kimberly-Clark, and Masco use Stratifyd to visualize their customer interactions on dashboards alongside other business data. The platform is equipped with industry-leading natural language processing and over 80 pre-built data connectors enabling users to view structured business data alongside unstructured data from phone calls, chats, emails, surveys, social media, and more. Companies use this dashboard to improve customer experiences, products, and marketing strategies to increase customer acquisition and retention.

"This is the foundation upon which our platform and company were built. We're taking it a step further." said Wang, "We're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in customer engagement and marketing by equipping companies with AI assistants."

Stratifyd announced the launch of three AI assistants for customer engagement and marketing teams: an Agent Scoring, Customer Loyalty, and a Precision Marketing AI Assistant. Each AI Assistant continuously learns from every customer interaction and all relevant business and industry data to provide real-time, actionable intelligence. These insights and recommended action steps help increase customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

"We are revolutionizing sales, service, and marketing operations from the call center to the boardroom," said Wang, "Stratifyd democratizes AI and makes a measurable impact on businesses. Our new website tells this story."

Stratifyd is more than a platform; we are a rapidly-growing technology company that provides data science research-grade analytics solutions to companies worldwide.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in AI and data analytics. We also pride ourselves on being customer-focused and providing high-quality service and support. Our customers, who span across continents and industries, trust us to help increase customer acquisition and retention. Visit to learn more.

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Sterling Scott
Director of Marketing