Stratifyd Spotlight: Jeremy Spring


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Our Senior Director of North American Sales, Jeremy Spring, is known around the office for his dad jokes and leadership style. What sets him apart is his ability to help others uncover their talents and discover what they’re truly passionate about.

Spring was born and raised in Lancaster, PA, and has lived in Charlotte for the last 13 years. He originally moved south for his then-girlfriend, now-wife, after months of long-distance dating. The pair have an interesting history, as they’ve known each other since they were kids. A few years after college, her mother brought him up during a “casual” conversation over the holidays, urging her to give him a call.

“I was shocked,” Spring said. “Knowing my wife, she normally would’ve gone out with the exact opposite of me, just because.”

The decision to move was easy and he was excited to start the next chapter of his life and career.

“What’s not to like?” Spring said. “The people are nicer, it’s warmer, and the cost of living is a lot cheaper.”

Spring has been in the sales industry his entire career. He was drawn to it because of the progressive nature of creative problem solving. He enjoys being strategic in identifying problems and solving them, all while trying to figure out what impact they could have on a business.

After three years in enterprise sales and a quick move to New Jersey that lasted three months (it’s a long story), he transitioned into the realm of software sales. However, in order to break into the industry, he had to take a step down from a position standpoint to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to further his career in the long run.

“If you look at where the future of business is headed, every aspect can either be tied to, or optimized, by software,” Spring said. “So, I'm extremely happy with my decision to move into the industry.”

He eventually stumbled upon Stratifyd after deciding he wanted a change. At the time, he was working remotely and was ready to feel like part of a team again.

“I knew I wanted my next role to be in leadership,” Spring said. “I met with Brad Fleeman [Chief Revenue Officer] and a few others on the leadership team, and I loved the idea of helping create a blueprint for a company.”

As the Senior Director of North American Sales, he’s focusing on building out the sales team and creating a culture of learning that empowers his team to succeed in their current roles, and eventually progress into elevated roles within the company. It’s these attributes that make him a great mentor and leader.

“I think the key to being a great leader is knowing how to effectively communicate with each person,” Spring said. “While the whole team has an understanding of our common goal, the way you communicate and motivate can be tailored to each team member.”

When he’s not working, you can find Spring mentoring kids through coaching youth sports and spending time with his wife and two kids at the horse stables. Although he doesn’t ride, he enjoys cheering on his family and helping out with their horses, Macaroni and Ladybug (Lady, for short).

“I actually enjoy cleaning their stables more than cleaning my own house,” Spring said.

He also spends a lot of time volunteering with the Freedom School, a nonprofit that combats the summer learning gap for kids. They primarily work to promote long-term success through igniting a passion for reading and inspiring a passion for learning.

“I love seeing how appreciative the kids are at the camps” Spring said. “They are so excited to see and learn from you, it’s really inspiring.”

Q&A with Jeremy Spring

Q: What’s your favorite thing about living in Charlotte?

A: Great neighborhoods to raise a family, as well as the access to mountains, beaches, and horse farms.

Q: What sparked your interest in Stratifyd?

A: The vision of the leadership team and the appeal of jumping into an opportunity to help build a business and company culture.

Q: What is your favorite brand to follow on social media and why?

A: Not big into social media, but I love the stories behind Bonobos, Shinola, and Southwest. They are brands built on customer service and driven by passion that transcends profit.

Q: What is on your travel bucket list?

A: African safari, Iceland, and Alaska.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A: Dare to fail.

Q: What's one thing you can't live without?

A: Podcasts! I have a rotation of about 20 I listen to. My favorite right now is “How I Built This” hosted by Guy Raz.

Q: What's the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

A: Swimming with sharks in Hawaii.

Q: What’s your spirit animal and why (this can also be a person/role model)?

A: My grandfather. He went off to war at 17. When he came back, he worked his way up to become the CEO of a company, equipped with only an 8th grade education.

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

A: Time travel. How amazing would it be to go back in time to witness some of the most impactful events throughout history?!

Q: One cause that you’re passionate about?

A: Mentoring. I coach various youth sports teams and volunteer at The Freedom School which works to reduce summer learning loss for children who lack access to summer enrichment programs.