Stratifyd Voted One of Charlotte’s Best Places to Work 2018

Each year, the Charlotte Business Journal honors companies in the area for having benefits, policies, and practices that make them some of the most desirable places to work. The companies are chosen based on employee surveys, and this year, the Stratifyd workforce showed love for the company in a big way.

“I’m very excited about the Best Places to Work,” Stratifyd CEO, Derek Wang said. “There’s always been a goal of building a great company, and that takes time, but you pick up crumbs along the way to keep you going. That’s what this award is.”

The honorees are broken down by size: small, medium, large, and extra-large companies. Stratifyd has been featured in the medium-sized category.

Stratifyd is an end-to-end customer analytics platform. Data, such as star ratings, online comments, and customer sentiment, is organized visually on an easy-to-use dashboard. This information can be used to help companies increase customer retention, improve products and services, better marketing efforts, and boost revenue.

The company got its start in 2015 and was co-founded by Wang, Thomas Kraft, and Li Yu. Since its founding, Stratifyd has grown to more than 50 employees and has picked up about 30 enterprise clients.

“It’s the recognition of this company that excites me because everybody just works so hard, so creatively,” Wang said.

From concept to launch, the co-founders chose to heavily focus on culture. They wanted to create an open, accepting, West Coast-style environment in Charlotte.

“Culture attracts better people, better results, and better clients going forward,” Wang said. “I think the Best Places to Work [honor] really reflects that we’re on the right track – not saying we’re there yet – to build the right culture, and the right culture leads to a more sustainable and more scalable Stratifyd.”

Wang chose Charlotte for the company’s headquarters because after growing up in Beijing and debating where to get his PhD in the U.S., he decided he wanted to get the full American experience by going to a lesser-known city. He turned down offers from schools in Arizona, Boston, New York, and San Francisco in favor of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC).

Wang quickly gravitated to the Charlotte community and loves the city’s laid-back environment, as well as its uncanny ability to attract young talent. Any time he’s asked if he feels talent-starved in Charlotte, he simply laughs.

But most of all, Wang loves the people he’s met here and how accepting everyone is of transplants.

“It’s hard to find just one way to say why I like Charlotte, but I think it’s because you grow with it,” Wang said. “I’ve grown personally, Stratifyd has grown, and I’ve seen the city grow, too.”

So to be named one of Charlotte’s Best Places to Work is quite meaningful to him, and he thinks the distinction will impact the company in a profound way.

The ceremony honoring all nominees will be held on Nov. 16, 2018.