5 Ways to Improve Digital Customer Experience


By Nathan Breidenbach, Technical Writer @ Stratifyd

Navigating the digital consumer landscape is about as difficult as dating in 2018. Microsoft found that websites start to lose traffic if they take 250 milliseconds longer to load compared to competitor sites. Take an entire second to let that sink in. How ridiculous are people today that they can’t wait 250 milliseconds?! That’s like saying if my dating profile takes a quarter of a second longer to load, I don’t even get viewed. Ouch!

How is a business supposed to deliver excellent customer experience in the digital era when customer expectations are so high? Here are five ways you can win and retain digital customers:

1. Go Mobile

Scale your strategy to mobile devices to connect to your consumers all the time. Mobile phones and tablets support so many channels. Simplifying an aspect of the customer journey with mobile apps is a good idea and you don’t have to do it alone. Most people use only a handful of apps, so you should look to piggyback off of those apps rather than spend a lot developing your own.

2. Prioritize Convenience

Consumers today value their own time more than anything else. Make things convenient for customers by:

  • Asking for less information from customers for them to complete a transaction; they don’t want to fill out more forms
  • Expanding payment options to include Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.
  • Selling on Amazon and other marketplaces so that customers can order everything they want from multiple businesses in one marketplace

3. Listen to Customers

Social listening and text analytics tools are able to mine and analyze online feedback with high accuracy due to advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Use the insights gained from these tools to improve everything from marketing campaigns to product development to real-time customer service responses. By listening, you can respond to customers in a personal way on the digital channels they prefer.

4. Have a Social Media Presence

Millennials are now the largest consumer demographic and they eat, sleep, and breathe social media. Here’s what you should do:

  • Post marketing content with values common to your target customers to increase engagement
  • Allow customers to interact with your customer service department via social media with dedicated customer service accounts
  • Create polls and surveys on your social media accounts to get more responses than a focus group or traditional survey request ever could
  • Use visually appealing photos or videos on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, especially for digital advertising

5. Be Consistent

Consistency yields loyalty. To deliver consistent customer experience, you need consistent IT processes, like a customer relationship management tool (CRM). The software needs vary by company size, but a good rule of thumb is to keep your CRM system simple, even if it allows for endless customization and has countless features.