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"Data rich but insights poor" is a common problem with data analytics platforms; leaving many CX professionals feeling helpless and frustrated. That's why we created Stratifyd. Our platform automatically uncovers insights, so you can spend less time analyzing data, and more time delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Contact Energy's CX Data Story

“Stratifyd was simply a utopia for us." –Matt Bolton, GM of Profitable Growth

Contact Energy found that employee experience directly influenced customer experience. Stratifyd's platform helped them discover unknown insights, dramatically increasing NPS by 40 points.

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Your Artificial Intelligence Platform Should be Intelligent, Right? Right.

Stratifyd's "AI in a Box" is the easiest, fastest way for CX professionals to start applying AI to their unique business challenges. Bring your data and the CX problem you're itching to solve. Stratifyd will automatically select the best AI solution for you.

No other CX vendor can do that.

Unleash the Potential of Your CX Data

Did you know: Many CX teams focus primarily on surveys. But that represents less than 5% of customer feedback that companies receive each day. 

Stratifyd specializes in connecting your unstructured feedback, customer attribute data and operational data to understand the full customer experience.

It's your data. Free it from the data silos of your legacy CX analytics platforms.

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Move past “data rich and insights poor”

Customer feedback management and other survey vendors excel at collecting customer feedback, but they often fail to deliver on their promises of advanced analytics. This leaves frustrated CX teams with a lot of data, but still limited abilities to drive insights.  

At Stratifyd, we're obsessed with delivering industry-leading speed to insights. Our powerful text analytics capabilities quickly categorizes and trends all of your customer feedback.  We then automatically identify the signals and patterns in your data, so you don't have to go searching for them.

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CX Analytics platforms need to be more than "one size fits all"

You deliver unique experiences tailored to your customers, so why shouldn't you expect the same from your CX analytics vendor?  

Modern truth: Most CX analytics capabilities are built with templated modules to scale across almost any company or industry.

We do it differently at Stratifyd. We empower you to customize analytics to fit your needs.

It gets even better – our taxonomy builder enables you to design the perfect approach to categorize feedback.  Or tune our sentiment library to match industry specific terms.  

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Go Beyond the CX Score

Join other CX thought leaders who are using Stratifyd's "AI in a Box" to: 

  • Model NPS scores to reduce their dependency on surveys
  • Automatically filter to customer feedback that is actionable  
  • Identify which touchpoints in your journeys are creating the most pain for your customers
  • Move beyond basic call disposition codes to fully analyze detailed topics in your contact center interactions
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Like No Other Analytics Platform

Forrester recently named Stratifyd a leading vendor in their Now Tech “Voice of the Customer” and “Customer Analytics” assessment.

No other analytics platform can make that claim.

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Save analysts time with predefined data models

Stratifyd's "AI in a Box" replaces the time intensive process of building complex models. Tell us your problem and we'll automatically select the best AI solution for you.

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Surface hidden patterns in your customer data

Stratifyd’s Augmented Intelligence Platform is the fastest path to insights. It's easy to use and provides you a clear, holistic, real-time view into your customer experience.

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Remove your data from siloed vendor platforms

Let Stratifyd integrate your customer data into a holistic view of your customer experience.

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Gain insights into specific customer journeys

Enable a highly structured approach to understanding your company’s digital customer experience.

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Move beyond surveys with industry leading text analytics

Gain insight into the entire customer experience with text analytics across any form of customer feedback.

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Solve problems you didn’t know existed

Enable analysts to shift their focus and talent to acting on insights rather than trying to discover them.

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Stratifyd's Augmented Intelligence Platform puts you in the drivers seat...not machines.

There is a fundamental difference between Augmented Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. Traditional "AI" platforms aim to create systems that run without humans. Augmented Intelligence aims to create systems that make humans better. Our platform empowers CX teams to focus on insights, while machines focus on the grunt work.

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We keep your data safe and your team productive

Enterprise Level Security

We are a security-first company committed to people. Which means protecting your data is vitally important to us.

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CCPA Compliant

Dedicated Success Team

Our success team members  believe access, transparency, and creativity empowers everyone.

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Passionate customer success managers
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Experienced solution engineers and architects
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Data analytics experts
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Robust knowledge of the customer and Stratifyd platform
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Dedicated advocates for the customer

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A pharmaceutical company with millions of customers all over the world needed to analyze customer sentiment. Stratifyd provided predictive intelligence through a CX solution that changed the company's game and the future health of patients.

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Financial Services

With disparate and siloed data across various platforms and systems, a financial services needed to analyze and address customer feedback. Stratifyd's speed to insight and anomaly detection delivered.

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