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help finance and maintain inventories

One of Stratifyd's first customers got its start a century ago as a leader in financing auto dealerships and maintaining inventories.

Today, they offer a wide range of financing and banking options, operate with a strong digital presence and hold more than $170 billion in managed assets.

The company operates under one main guiding principle: To treat its customers with care, support and respect. Which is why they came to Stratifyd with a serious need to bring disparate and siloed data – spread across multiple platforms and systems – together in one place in a timely manner to analyze and address customer feedback.

Uniting and making sense of the analytics was of the utmost importance as was increasing customer retention and acquisition through care and support.

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Powered by Stratifyd's speech analytics and predictive intelligence features, the company found three noteworthy instances which could be addressed to provide a better overall customer experience.

1. Pain points revealed and addressed quickly

Many calls and chats revealed that customers had similar questions. To alleviate this pain point, the company reprioritized its list of FAQs so customers could easily find them on the website.

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2. Improve customer insights and enhance outcomes

The word “hamburger” appeared in a lot of reviews with a negative sentiment attached to it. Confused, the company looked into it and found that many customers were having difficulty navigating the website because of a hidden hamburger – also referred to as collapsible – menu. This was solved by reformatting the website to make it easier to navigate.

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3. Focus on customer sentiment

After the company released a new credit card, employees wanted to see what customers were saying. They found that it was apparently difficult to link that credit card account with others in order to make payments. The company made some functional fixes to accommodate these customers.

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Insights That Change Lives

The company chose Stratifyd because of the platform’s ability to compile structured and unstructured data from unlimited sources in a matter of minutes. The platform also visually organizes findings in ways that allow you to see customer sentiment.

It was that insight into customer sentiment that changed the game.

Using Stratifyd’s platform, the company’s CSAT scores increased from the mid-80 range to 92 percent meaning they were living and working true to their mission - care, support, and respect for their customers.

The company believes this happened because agents were better-prepared for customer calls and chats because they were more knowledgeable of common pain points customers were experiencing. This led to a reduction in handle time by 20 percent - adding time value and efficiency as benefits.

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Support your CX team by providing fast data insights they can use.

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Increased CSAT from the mid-80s to 92%

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95% response from the mid-80s to 92%

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Decreased calls to the contact center by 20%

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