Visualization Editor

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Stratifyd’s data visualizations are housed in tabs. They are visual representations of data analytics results. They are similar to charts typically featured in spreadsheet applications, but our visuals have many more options. They can be simple visuals utilizing one or two data fields, or complex visuals leveraging three or more data fields. You can filter visuals and create custom calculated fields within them. Stratifyd has over 5,000 visualizations that can be created in the editor. We pre-populate unstructured data tabs with four standard visuals: Number of Records, Average Sentiment, Sentiment Distribution, and Semantic Topics.

The Widget Editor

There are five main modules that comprise the widget editor:

  • Data Fields Tab
  • Data Dimensions Header
  • Visualization Options Tab
  • Widget Options Footer
  • Widget Visualizer

With over 5,000 visuals possible, the best way to learn how to use the widget editor is to play around with its options. To learn more about our visualizations, click here.