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See the Advantage of Stratifyd Text Analytics

There’s an overwhelming amount of structured and unstructured data available that your company could do something with given the right data analytics tools. Stratifyd is a leading authority on data science and big data analytics. We bring your data together from a variety of sources and utilize an AI-powered, data analysis platform with natural language processing, sentiment analysis, deep textual learning, and predictive analysis to provide faster, more accurate business insights. Stratifyd’s platform provides multiple intuitive visualizations that give you the ability to apply your own expertise to the domain knowledge we already have, letting you dive into the relevant details that apply to your business. Our customizable dashboards are seamlessly shareable, allowing you to put the best information possible into the right hands. With the most relevant data analysis created faster and more efficiently, you’ll save both time and money while obtaining the insights you need most through Stratifyd.

Stratifyd provides an AI powered data analytics platform that turns raw data into real decisions in minutes. It collects information from a wide variety of structured and unstructured sources and leverages machine learning to provide fast, accurate business insights.

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