Why Workflow Matters


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Customer experience workflows often get treated like fishing with dynamite. Businesses don’t have the tools, manpower, or practices in place to efficiently analyze troves of customer feedback in order to implement change, so they typically just take a sample of insights, apply them, and hope for the best. But manually combing through customer insights leaves so much room for error that one misstep could translate to an enormous amount of stress for everyone involved, wasted time and resources, and revenue loss.

To help keep people, projects, and goals on track, businesses put workflows in place.

Why’s Workflow so Important?

Workflow is incredibly important because it determines if you keep or acquire customers.

Workflow is looking at the customer lifecycle to track, analyze, and report on why customers deflected or remain loyal to gain and apply insights, then repeating that process constantly to account for net new feedback.

Plus, such a fractional part of your customer base has actually taken the time to give feedback, meaning that any findings are amplified. For example, 20 people may have talked about an issue, but 30,000 may have experienced it. Being able to track issues, making sure you’ve addressed them, and closing the loop to ensure there’s no reoccurrence is crucial to CX workflows.

Blockers and How to Get Past Them

According to Edge of Chaos: the 10 Critical Elements for Success in Volatile Times, a 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%.

Efficient workflow which produces data-driven insights to help improve customer retention and acquisition can significantly boost your company’s revenue. However, tasking analysts with manually reading, categorizing, and sharing findings from thousands of customer reviews can take weeks or months.

How Can Stratifyd Help?

Stratifyd can be an integral part of the workflow process by streamlining the compilation of customer feedback, providing coverage with predictive intelligence, and giving you a safety net with alerting and case management features.

Our platform ingests consumer-generated content from unlimited data connectors and visually arranges insights on one easy-to-use dashboard. We specialize in the compilation of unstructured data and applying Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to accurately assign sentiment, which can be used to improve products and services, increase customer retention, better marketing messaging, and boost revenue.

The ability to visualize all insights in easily digestible ways has always been a cornerstone of our platform. The 4.0 version offers new capabilities to help enterprises improve.

  • Cases. The 4.0 platform can help you manage various cases. For instance, if a customer calls in to your contact center with a question that your representative is unable to answer, our platform can help you keep track of which cases warranted a callback to provide more information. If many of these callbacks fall under the same category, you may need to add content to your website, or provide more detailed instructions to accompany the product itself, to address the issue.
  • Alerts. Stratifyd users can set alerts based on the data extracted from customer feedback. For example, you can choose to be notified if sentiment scores drop by a certain number or percentage. So if you’ve just released a new product and you want our platform to monitor reviews and alert you about an influx of negative ones, you’ll get an email if/when your setting is reached. This allows you to address any problems quicker and become more proactive than reactive.
  • Reporting. Analysts are able to continuously provide comprehensive reports in a variety of different visual representations using Stratifyd’s 4.0 platform. Let’s say your leadership team wants to see weekly reports about the top 10 things customers discussed, our platform can compile that report for you in an excel format, word cloud, pie chart, etc., depending on personal preference. Our platform boasts the fastest time to insights, thus giving your team the most up-to-date data to drive smarter business decisions.
  • Predictive intelligence. Because a vast majority of your customer base chooses not to provide reviews, we devised a way to predict what they’d say if they did to give you more coverage. Our AI analyzes call and chat transcripts to pick out key words and accurately predict sentiment scores to all interactions. This machine-learning capability gives you a more comprehensive data set to analyze and helps uncover insights that you may never have gotten otherwise.

Using Stratifyd’s platform can dramatically improve your CX workflow practices. We’ll help your team formulate smarter marketing strategies, make sure the right individuals are included make updates to products and services, and provide exceptional user experiences, based on what your customers are telling you.

To see how Stratifyd can improve your workflow processes and overall business, schedule a demo today.