You and AI


By Sterling Scott, Director of Marketing @ Stratifyd

AI is trendy.

It's a hip, not-new buzzword that is being tossed around – usually after a hashtag or in sales materials for a massive, incomprehensible enterprise software.

Regardless of where or how AI comes up in conversation, for the most part, we're very jaded by it.

Many of us know what AI is and why it is important; however, there's always another person trying to explain these things to us. After all the explanations in articles, videos, speaker sessions, etc., it's unclear how we can leverage this technology to improve our everyday work lives.

We understand how it can help our companies, but we don't understand how it can help our teams.

I'm not going to go into a diatribe explaining what AI means or why it is important.

You already know these things.

I'm going to tell you how to leverage AI in your everyday work life to do your job better.

I've been an analyst and I am a marketing leader, so I'll start with what I know from experience. I've also worked closely with sales and service employees in contact centers, so I'll briefly discuss those as well.

By the end of this article, you'll know how to leverage AI to do your job better in any of these roles to deliver results for your company.


If you're like me, you took the job as an analyst hoping to make an impact within the company. You expected to spend most of your time providing valuable insights and strategy recommendations to department leaders. The reality is, you spend most of your time collecting, organizing, and analyzing the data. The time you have left after doing these things, you spend producing visualizations or reports. By the time any insights can be gained from the data, it's already outdated.

It doesn't have to be this way. Analysts worldwide are leveraging AI to collect, organize, and analyze data in real time and present through powerful visualizations. AI gives them speed and accuracy while removing human bias. This means spending more time providing data-driven strategy recommendations and less time sorting through data and building reports.


As marketers, we usually craft messaging and target audiences based on structured data. We look at demographics, sales metrics, campaign performance, and other empirical data. We usually have no way of efficiently analyzing online reviews and social media interactions. We usually have no access to information from phone calls, emails, and chats. We usually have low responses to surveys. This means that we're building marketing strategies without knowing what our customers are saying about us and how.

AI enables us to know exactly what our customers are saying so that we can understand how they are responding to our messaging, campaigns, and products and services. AI does this by analyzing all customer interactions in real time to identify key topics and gauge customer sentiment. This enables us to take a more data-driven approach so that we can boost customer acquisition and retention.

Contact Centers

Whether you have a team of five people or a team of five hundred, training and coaching is a nightmare. It is impossible to provide the amount of critical feedback necessary to effectively boost performance for each individual employee. Most leaders either conduct mock calls/chats or listen to/read random samples of real calls/chats. They do these things hoping for a marginal boost in performance. Contact center turnover is usually high so much of the time and energy spent is wasted.

AI can analyze employee interactions in real time to provide customer loyalty scores and recommend next steps. It can also provide performance scores so that employees can know how well they conducted the call or chat and how they can improve performance. This means individualized coaching and more effective training. Instantly.

You and AI

AI is not an abstract term. It is a very real and concrete solution to our everyday challenges. When leveraged and made a part of business processes, it makes a large measurable impact on individual, team, and company performance.

AI is what we do at Stratifyd and we do it well. Our clients leverage the technology to [close customer feedback loops] and increase customer acquisition and retention.

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