Your Contact Center is a Gold Mine


By Brad Fleeman, VP of Global Sales @ Stratifyd

Your contact center is a gold mine.

If you're like most companies, the customer data from your contact center isn't being used to drive additional revenue.

Data from phone calls, chats, and emails go unused; and when the data is used, it's usually long after it expires.

This means that most customer experience, product, and marketing teams are a few steps behind their customers, making them more reactive than responsive.

These teams constantly search for new ways to drive revenue growth, not knowing that the ultimate growth hack is sitting right in front of them in their customer contact centers.

Stratifyd provides the ultimate growth hack using data mined from contact centers.

Our platform converts voice to text and ingests chats and emails then analyzes the data using AI and machine learning (speed + accuracy - human bias) to provide an overview of customer sentiment, discussion topics, and trends at the macro level. At the micro level, Stratifyd provides customer loyalty and agent scores on every call to improve workflows and performance.

Companies like LivePerson, Masco, and Kreg Toolsuse Stratifyd to increase customer acquisition and retention. We'd like to help your company do the same.

Watch a short demo to see Stratifyd in action, then speak with a member of our team to get started.