Medical Insights: Getting More Out of Unstructured Data

Optimize your Medical Affairs organization and stakeholder interactions.

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Medical Insights: Getting more out of unstructured data

Medical Affairs teams sit on gold mines of patient data … but sifting through it to make informed decisions isn’t an easy task. Most of it is captured in unstructured form – like free text in a Word document, audio recordings, and videos – and trying to pull insights via traditional methods is akin to panning for gold: tedious, error-prone, and subject to user bias. In fact, experts estimate that Medical Affairs organizations only leverage 20% of available information.

This eBook looks at how patient experience-driven Medical Affairs organizations are leveraging new advances in machine learning (ML) and natural language processing to overcome these challenges. It highlights how these organizations:

  • Transform their unstructured data for more effective and efficient analysis
  • Complement their existing data science teams and legacy tools
  • Create a holistic, unified view into all structured and unstructured data
  • Unlock hidden insights and surface emerging themes before they become problems or missed opportunities
  • Reduce time-to-insight and enable SMEs to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Gain a deeper understanding into the root causes of issues – both good and bad

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