Increase Analyst Efficiency

Our AI Platform Unifies Insights From Unstructured And Structured Data, Empowering Businesses To Make Faster Decisions.


AI Powered Data Analytics

Stratifyd's data analytics platform allows users to integrate, analyze, and visualize data in a single platform, empowering analysts through a holistic view of both structured and unstructured data.



Connect to multiple data sources without using ETL, through Stratifyd's integration library. Uncover insights faster than ever using machine learning to extract topics, sentiment, and themes from your textual data. 

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Build powerful, multi-dimensional visualizations that help identify trends and anomalies. Explore your data through a single interface eliminating the need for multiple data analytics tools to get to the next level of insight.


Trusted by Companies Worldwide

We process over a billion documents for businesses from multiple industries who rely on the AI powered analytics platform that Stratifyd has developed. We unify their data sources, provide contextual AI analysis, and achieve faster data driven results. 

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