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Curious How Leading Organizations Measure CX?

Download the Gartner Report “How to Manage Customer Experience Metrics” to learn how augmented intelligence can help you:

  • Measure more than just NPS, CSAT, and CES.
  • Discover new CX key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Optimize how you present CX metrics to your organization.
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Leverage Augmented Intelligence to Win With AI

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Augmented Intelligence Platform

Blazing fast data insights that reveal your hidden story.

Stratifyd's Augmented Intelligence® Platform helps you uncover the hidden stories in every data stream, helping you increase revenue, maximize performance and reduce operating costs.

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Solving Real World Problems
in Real Time

Fact is, most data analytics platforms are too complex and too expensive. They promise the world but rarely deliver. Let's drop the jargon and start solving problems.

“We're drowning in a sea of data and need answers quicker.”

Stratifyd takes raw data, surfaces insights and visualizes them in an easy-to-use platform.

“Our goal is to help our call center agents improve service and reduce call time.”

With AI-driven speech analytics, contact centers can maximize efficiency, resulting in millions saved annually.

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“Our Voice-of-Customer program is focused on surveys. What are we missing?”

Move beyond surveys. Stratifyd ingests structured data and unstructured data (like calls and chat) to provide a complete view of your customer experience.

“We need real time insight. Waiting two weeks for an analysis just isn't helpful.”

Stratifyd's platform provides a clear, real time view into your business challenges.

How it Works

Our Augmented Intelligence platform helps you understand, predict and improve business strategies using a simple process.

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Stream all your data sources into one platform.

  • The platform meets you where your data lives
  • Expansive library of public data and open API sources
  • Connections to enterprise data warehouses
  • One-time integration – simply set it and forget it
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Unleash boundless data science power on your data

  • The analysis process helps you find the best model for your data
  • For the data science savvy choose from many different models
  • Apply a semi-automatic taxonomy to quickly organize insights
  • Models get smarter over time with our feedback loop training
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Visualize your data looking through a whole new lens

  • Visualize and interact with your data like never before
  • Customize dashboards with different segments and filtered data
  • Create your own solutions and discover insights quickly
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Listen as signals surface in your data then take action

  • Receive early indicator signals through anomaly detection
  • Discover trends as you listen to specific data over time
  • Track new insights that arise as your data changes and evolves
  • Push insights to your visualization tools for cross-team listening
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Unlimited Data Sources.
All the Analytics.

Stratifyd seamlessly connects to a variety of structured and unstructured data sources; giving you all the insights you need without any of the headaches. Just set it and forget it.

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“We partnered with Stratifyd to add more features and flexibility to data analytics. The speech analysis functionality and speed-to-insights filled that need, identifying ways to improve our agent responses, website navigation, and CX.”

50x increase

in speed to collect, categorize and report
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“Stratifyd gives me an amazing experience, I get more done happier, and that gets more done for our customers. It's a win, win, win scenario.”

- James Tribe, Market Insight Lead

70 Point Increase

on employee satisfaction score

“What you found in 15 minutes took us eight weeks to fully comprehend the scale and the scope of the problem.”

- fortune 500 financial services company

$5.5 million in savings

Increased CSAT scores to 92% / cut handle time by 20%

“We’re able to process information coming in to the contact center all the way through the ecosystem — digital, product, marketing...we’re able to incorporate all of that data in one place.”

- fortune 500 financial services company

20% decrease

in call center volume
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What will your data reveal?

Join companies like LivePerson, Capital One, and Kimberly-Clark to unlock powerful insights you might be missing. See what Stratifyd can do for you.

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