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Our Mission

Stratifyd is a leading authority on data science and big data analytics, founded in 2015. We saw the need to bring data together from multiple points and drive faster times to insight. Data analytics has been a difficult and time consuming process to achieve true understanding, and sharing those results with the right people has been incredibly hard.

Our AI powered platform has solved these problems by unifying structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and creating valuable business insights in a fraction of the time, while allowing for seamless sharing of information among decision makers and stakeholders.



Our Leadership

Derek Wang, Ph.D

Founder of Stratifyd. Derek got his PhD in 4 and a half years, going straight from his Bachelors into graduate school. Before coming to the United States, Derek was born and raised in China. He has held positions at Microsoft Research, Xerox, and Bank of America before becoming the Associate Director of the Charlotte Visualization Center where he worked on projects for Homeland Security and Bank of America, among others.

  • School - University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  • First Book You Identified With: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
  • Philosophy - I will rest when I'm dead.
  • First Movie You Loved - Interstellar

Brad Fleeman

Brad leads Stratifyd's Global Sales Organization, focusing on how to bring a disruptive technology to the largest enterprise companies in the world. Prior to Stratifyd, Brad spent 15 years in multiple leadership roles at CA Technologies where he built both velocity incubator teams that grew to over $15M a year in revenue as well as managed  large global teams that accounted for over $200M in enterprise client spend.  

  • School - University of Kansas
  • First Book You Identified With - Treasure Island
  • Philosophy - Enjoy being.
  • First Movie You Loved - Star Wars

Toma Headshot1.png

Li Yu, Ph.D

Li Yu leads Stratifyd’s Analytics Visualization Team. He was born and raised in China where he received a degree from Zhejiang University. He came to the United States right after college to start his doctoral program, receiving his PhD in 2012 with a focus on  "How to Effectively and Efficiently Visualize & Analyze Large Scale Time-Varying Datasets." He worked as a postdoc at The Charlotte Visualization Center doing research on large text collection analysis for The Department of Homeland Security and Bank of America.

  • School - University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  • First Book You Identified With - Wolf Totem
  • Philosophy - Carpe Diem.
  • First Movie You Loved - The Rock


Thomas Kraft

Thomas leads Stratifyd’s Engineering Team. He grew up in Seattle playing lots of squash. He was even captain of the squash team at St. Lawrence University where he majored in Computer Science. He interned at Amazon where he further developed his computer engineering and security knowledge before starting his doctoral program in 2012. Thomas joined the Charlotte Visualization Center where he worked on projects for The Department of Homeland Security and The National Science Foundation.

  • School - University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  • First Book You Identified With - The Catcher in the Rye
  • Philosophy - Measure twice, cut once.
  • First Movie You Loved - Super Troopers

Josh Headshot1.png

Joshua Camden

Joshua leads Stratifyd’s Marketing Team. He was trained on retail marketing, branding, and marketing strategy at Coca-Cola. He went on to found his own digital marketing company successfully selling his startup. Joshua has since built digital marketing teams for over 10 companies in the  US & Canada. He has also consulted on digital and go to market strategy with large companies and startups across multiple sectors including retail, fashion, and SAS. He is a recognized keynote speaker on marketing, millennials, and retail branding.

  • School - Lynda.com
  • First Book You Identified With - Tuesday's with Morrie
  • Philosophy - Get crap done. 
  • First Movie You Loved - Remember the Titans

Lee Headshot1.png

Michael Orefice

Michael leads Stratifyd’s North American Sales team. He has over 20 years experience in both running large IT operations for enterprise customers, as well as delivering unique IT solutions for complex business challenges.  Michael has served on multiple IT advisory boards and has deep domain knowledge in financial verticals. Michael has managed more than 1000 people during his time with MBNA and spent nearly 10 years coordinating and overcoming IT challenges at CA Technologies before joining Stratifyd.

  • School - University of Maine
  • First Book You Identified With - The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Philosophy - Pursue excellence and knowledge. 
  • First Movie You Loved - Butch Cassidy &  the Sundance Kid

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