Collecting data is easy. Between phone calls, chatbots, online reviews, surveys, and social media, your customers are constantly providing you with feedback on your product and services. But it’s what you do with VoC data that matters … and if you’re like most small- and mid-sized businesses, that’s where you’re falling short.

Stratifyd Signals empowers organizations to seamlessly transform VoC data into actionable insights that drive improved CX and business outcomes. Powered by the same proprietary AI available in our enterprise technology, Stratifyd Signals is tailored specifically for businesses seeking to improve their CX maturity with an affordable, easy-to-use solution that surfaces critical insights from focused data sets.

Benefits include:

  • Turnkey solution with minimal configuration or onboarding required
  • Focused data analysis that cuts through the noise of your VoC ecosystem
  • AI that uncovers the “blind spots” buried in data sets
  • Visualization and dashboard tools to easily view insights and trends over time
  • Affordable base technology that can scale and grow as your maturity and needs increase

Stratifyd Signals Pricing