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Stratifyd was founded in 2015 with two key objectives: create a data analytics platform anyone can use; and make it powerful enough that everyone will want to use it. Our founder, Derek Wang, Ph.D., brought an academic approach to an existing challenge and assembled a team to develop a powerful yet simple method of identifying and visualizing both structured and unstructured data. By abandoning traditional models and processes and allowing augmented human intelligence through our patented machine learning, Stratifyd has enabled our customers to turn their unstructured and unused data into revenue opportunities.

The Next Generation of Data Analytics
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The Challenge With Traditional Data Analytics

Data proliferation coupled with the pace of business innovation is accelerating and the ability to perform targeted analysis before windows of opportunity close is paramount. The fundamental challenge of traditional analytics is that it requires you to know what you’re looking for from the start. As products, feedback and interaction methods evolve - you must constantly maintain those changes in traditional taxonomies and ontological maps. It takes time, money and specialized skills to stay current, unfortunately most analytical campaigns run beyond the window of opportunity.

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Our Approach

Based on years of academic research and innovation in the field of data science, our platform uses next generation technology to “learn” the contents of any data set without the need for predetermined structures or methods of interpretation. The unbiased, immediate and highly intuitive results allow users to transition from raw data to decision BEFORE it’s too late.

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Signals is an enterprise Business Analytics platform enabling a seamless transition from analysis to action through augmented intelligence. Our customers deliver faster insights across a wide spectrum of disparate data that drives direct revenue.

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