Medical affairs teams sit on gold mines of patient-related data

Most patient-related data comes in the form of document-based text, audio or video. It’s difficult to automate and trying to pull insights via traditional manual methods is tedious, error-prone and subject to user bias. As a result, medical affairs organizations have a huge information gap.

of the data is captured in unstructured form1
Only 20%
of it is being truly leveraged by medical affairs teams2
of an SME’s time is spent manually uncovering insights
1 MIT. “Tapping the power of unstructured data.” February, 2021
2 Estimate based on observations by ZS.

Connected Intelligence for Medical Affairs Teams

Stratifyd empowers some of the world’s largest pharma and healthcare organizations to reduce manual structured and unstructured data analysis processes from hours to just minutes.

Stratifyd’s platform analyzes medical affairs organizations’ omni-channel data – including call center conversations, MSL field engagements, advisory board notes, social media, drug reviews and online publications – through an agnostic, centralized engine, providing a single source of truth for all patient-related data. Medical affairs teams can pull information at the click of a button and surface the most relevant patient intelligence to:

  • Understand product and treatment performance among patients
  • Drive organizational efficiency and strengthen internal processes
  • Increase data visibility across teams
  • Unlock hidden insights and surface emerging themes
  • Create dashboards to rapidly “converse with data” and extract the story

As a result, they can spend less time combing through data and more time on stakeholder education and strategic initiatives.

Stratifyd for Medical Insights In Action

Unifying data sources to provide valuable insights for Medical Affairs

This Pharmaceutical Medical Affairs team was manually managing information from multiple sources including its call center, MSL notes, advisory board and drug reviews and publications. The time it took to manually categorize content and produce reports severely limited the value of the information and the insights that could be gleaned from it.

With Stratifyd, the company is able to unify all those different data sources to create a single view via intuitive dashboards and interactive visualizations. Near real-time insights are automatically categorized, with AI detecting emerging themes including knowledge gaps, evidence gaps, safety considerations, and competitive intelligence. In addition to the increased visibility and collaboration, Stratifyd’s task management system also prompts timely action across teams.

The Stratifyd Difference for Medical Affairs Teams