Meet the Future with Smart AI™

The future needs more than AI. It needs a whole new level of data-driven intelligence powered by human creativity, ingenuity and curiosity. We’ll cut to the chase – that’s us.

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Strategic Thinkers.





The Future.

We believe in each person’s unique ability to make empowered decisions that shift the future.

Getting there takes more than AI. It takes a whole new level of data-driven intelligence powered by creativity, ingenuity and curiosity. We make that possible.

We Are Stratifyd.

Our Story

From government-funded research, to startup venture, to serving some of the world's most trusted brands, Stratifyd’s ever-growing story is powered by one of life’s boldest, and yet, simplest questions - what’s possible when we have greater insights and data to pursue our ideas?

Founders Derek Wang, Li Yu, and Thomas Kraft pursued the question; envisioning a future where smart, rapid insights empower humans to make better decisions.  In doing so, they create the space for creativity to flourish and ideas to thrive.  

Today, Stratifyd is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Charlotte.

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Our Vision

To enable everyone, regardless of education, skill, or economic background, the ability to understand the hidden stories in their data.

What’s possible when we create the space for creativity to flourish and ideas to thrive? A lot.

What’s possible when we have the insights, information, and data to power decision making to support creativity and curiosity? Everything.

Stratifyd is driven to help humans pursue our world’s biggest questions with faster, more accurate answers made possible by our Smart AI Platform that collects data, provides intelligence, and drives actionable insights.

We believe in aspiring to next-level ingenuity, paying attention to the key signals data delivers, and bringing together the art and science of decision making to ignite the human experience.

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Help Build the Future of Smart AI™

Growth. Innovation. Collaboration. Inclusion. If that’s not Stratifyd, we don’t know what is.

As one of Charlotte’s Best Places to Work, Stratifyd is committed to people and creating a culture where people learn, contribute, and thrive. Interested in joining our close-knit, fast-growing team? Click the link below to view current openings and apply.

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Join companies like LivePerson, Capital One, and Ally to unlock powerful insights you might be missing. See what Stratifyd can do for you.