Stratifyd and ZS are partnering to empower medical affairs organizations with technology to drive data enrichment and better stakeholder experiences

At Stratifyd, we’re excited to share we’re partnering with ZS, a management consulting and technology firm focused on transforming global healthcare and beyond. Our partnership will provide the world’s leading medical affairs organizations with top-to-bottom, best-in-class services and technology to optimize data analysis and improve stakeholder experiences.

“We are pleased to partner with Stratifyd, as their proven technology provides unmatched AI and business intelligence capabilities for data mining,”said Swati Gokhale, Executive Director at ZS. “Together, we will help medical affairs organizations reduce time spent manually reviewing unstructured data for customer insights, enabling them to attain deeper insights faster.”

Through the partnership, we’ll work together to empower medical affairs organizations to leverage subject matter expertise at the intersection of people, processes, and technology. ZS and Stratifyd partner not only with each other, but also with customers, evaluating each organization’s unique needs and tailoring solutions and technology that align with specific business objectives. Businesses across the entire life science ecosystem benefit from the partnership, with medical affairs teams as some of the earliest adopters evangelizing the immediate impact and value.

“Life science organizations are challenged with competing stakeholder demands, an issue that’s exacerbated by the chore of analyzing thousands of pieces of data,” said Eric Healy, CEO of Stratifyd. “Backing ZS’s business experience with Stratifyd’s technology empowers life science organizations to streamline their data sources and ensure they have the information they need to quickly and easily make the best decisions for patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers.”


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