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Stratifyd provides our enterprise clients multiple methods to quickly access critical business information. Here are some of our growing number of data connectors that provide a faster and more comprehensive view of your information insights. From Excel and CSV files to social marketplaces, leading business applications and databases, as well as any custom data connector you need, Stratifyd will connect you to everywhere your data lives.

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There’s an overwhelming amount of structured and unstructured data that businesses can make use of from a wide variety of sources. Stratifyd brings data together through our growing number of data connectors to collect the information that matters. Every type of information could potentially hold the key to unlocking better, faster business decisions. Stratifyd leaves no stone unturned so that you have the best data available.

We’ve developed an AI powered analytics platform that uses machine learning, natural language processing, deep textual learning, as well as geographical, temporal, and predictive analysis to provide the most accurate information on your business. Utilize artificial intelligence to gain faster access to the insights that matter in order to spend more time overcoming the challenges you didn’t know you faced.

Our analytical results are presented in fully interactive dashboards that allow you to apply your own expertise to the data, providing actionable intelligence to inform your business decisions. Multiple customizable widgets let you to see the data from a variety of ways, giving you the most complete view of your insights. Our platform allows you to leverage your own deep domain knowledge for the most accurate information possible.

Gauge reaction to your products the moment they hit the market by gathering data from outside sources and unifying them with your own internal research. Understand customer feedback to hear their voice.


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