Stratifyd Deepens Focus on CX with Leadership and Advisory Appointments

CHARLOTTE, NC – August 18, 2020 – Stratifyd, a data analytics company that uses AI to deliver insights, today announced that it is deepening its focus on customer experience (CX) leveraging the strategic guidance of two veteran CX practitioners. Kurt Trauth has been promoted to SVP of Strategy after six months with the company, while Brian Workman, a principal with Catalyst Group, has joined Stratifyd’s advisory board.

Stratifyd has quickly developed a strong following of CX professionals by making it easy for them to achieve a holistic view of the CX and gain actionable customer insights from structured and unstructured data sources. Leveraging Trauth and Workman’s extensive expertise in CX, Stratifyd now has an even deeper understanding of the specific needs of CX professionals and plans to rapidly expand its solutions to respond to their requirements.

“The importance of understanding and optimizing the customer experience has never been more important. Yet, with companies drowning in significant volumes of human-generated, unstructured data, this is increasingly challenging,” said Derek Wang. “These appointments reflect Stratifyd’s commitment to helping our customers overcome that challenge.”

In his SVP position, Trauth will co-lead the Stratifyd Strategy Advisory Group (SAG) alongside CEO Derek Wang. This Group will unite subject matter experts within the company to better provide customer advisory services. Through SAG, Stratifyd will provide its deep industry knowledge in CX and data analytics to support customers in the development and implementation of their customer-centric and data-driven strategic vision.

Strategic Leadership in CX
“Since joining our team six months ago, Kurt has demonstrated strong leadership in bringing multiple teams together, including sales and implementation engineers. He has contributed significantly to our analyst relationships and has participated in a wide range of direct sales and partnership discussions,” said Derek Wang, co-founder and CEO of Stratifyd. “Kurt’s contributions have fundamentally advanced and matured our product strategy in CX analytics and beyond.”

Prior to joining Stratifyd, Trauth was the director of worldwide customer experience for Lenovo, reporting directly to the chief customer officer and responsible for CX for Lenovo’s $35B global PC business. In this role he oversaw the transformation of the company’s culture to a customer-centric focus. Trauth also managed corporate performance goals related to CX, as well as corporate communications for its CX organization. This included implementing new programs to break down organizational silos and defining customer needs through a global voice of the customer program, which enabled Lenovo to understand and measure CX across physical and digital channels.

Previously, Trauth was USAA director of voice of the customer and CX analytics where he led a team responsible for identifying and implementing innovative new technologies to drive the future of the company’s CX and market research strategies. He was responsible for the development and management of information strategy, information architecture, and data strategy to create a 360-degree view of the customer from a CX perspective by analyzing unstructured customer feedback using advanced natural language processing and machine learning, and by detecting emerging trends in CX and consulting with executive stakeholders to drive action based on these insights. Trauth is the sole inventor on a pending patent which leverages new analytical methodologies to separate real consumer feedback from spam messaging in social media. He also developed a process of leveraging text analytics, web/mobile customer behavioral data, and operational data to provide a holistic view of customer insights.

Adding CX Expertise to the Advisory Board
As a member of Stratifyd’s advisory board, Brian Workman’s primary role is to provide strategic and tactical advice, as well as guidance to the CEO and the senior leadership team. He will leverage his extensive network to make warm introductions to the head of global sales and participate in sales deals with financial services and broader customer analytics prospects. He will assist with fostering relationships with industry research analysts, and facilitate messaging and the design of marketing materials and the company’s website. Workman will also collaborate with the head of global partnerships and Stratifyd’s subject matter experts to prepare white papers and support the development of customer journey-related technology and business partnerships. He will also provide advice and guidance around financing opportunities, and merger and acquisition initiatives.

Workman has extensive CX experience and is currently a principal with Catalyst Group, a multi-faceted entrepreneurial enterprise located in Basking Ridge, NJ. Most recently Workman was the global head of CX analytics with Citi, where he built a global center of excellence and expertise in CX and journey analytics for its global consumer bank to drive improved business results and remarkable client experiences. In that role he created common, global solutions whenever possible, and the capabilities, guidelines, and standards necessary to understand global customer journeys and needs. Workman also measured the economic impact of CX activities using advanced analytical tools and data sources to improve CX analytics.

“Kurt and Brian’s experience with companies known for excellent customer service, such as USAA and Citi, will give Stratifyd an advantage in customer data analytics,” said Wang. “Our customers will benefit from their knowledge and understanding of how to make the most of all available data to better understand the customer experience and act on those insights to improve company performance.”

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